Quality is key in silage, poor quality silage can have a big impact on your feed bill and bottom line.
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Quality is key in silage; poor quality silage can have a big impact on your feed bill and bottom line. 

By choosing a contractor with the latest technology and expertise you can ensure a higher quality of silage at a fixed cost, minimising the need to buy in additional feed or concentrates.  The capacity of our silage machinery enables us to keep the ensiling process as efficient as possible to reduce the requirement of additives.

At RC Baker Ltd, we offer a complete range of silage making including grass, whole crop and maize. With over forty years of experience in silage making we can tailor our service to meet the needs of individual farms. 

From individual operations with specialist farming machinery to a complete silage service, we've got you covered.  We offer complete farming contracts including the establishment of the silage crop, crop protection and nutrition along with the ensiling process itself.

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Grass is the cheapest source of feed for livestock as it provides a major source of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that your grass silage is made to the highest quality possible.  Having worked with dairy customers for over forty years, we understand that silage quality effects production and profit and so we strive to provide the best machinery, knowledge and ability to ensure the production of top quality silage.  

Here at RC Baker we offer a complete grass silage service from mowing to raking, picking up and ensiling.  Typically our grass silage season runs from May to September, depending on the weather, and we often take first, second and third cuts according to growth rates and demand.  We currently run triple reverse drive mowers which enable us to cut a large acre of grass efficiently to be able to make the most of available weather conditions.   After mowing, the grass is then gathered into a single row using a rake and pick up the grass with our forage harvester.  We do not advise spreading grass (tedding) as we feel that this can cause problems with contamination from manures and soils during this process. We then transport the silage from the field to the clamp to begin the ensiling process.  

Silage is a big investment of time and money so the ensiling process is very important to ensure the best quality silage to keep livestock well fed.  We ensile the silage with our CLAAS Xerion and SilaPactor attachment which means that we are now able to get 20% more silage into the clamp and improve clamp silage quality.   Anaerobic fermentation starts approximately forty-eight hours after covering and so it is important to compact the silage and extract the air to encourage improved fermentation and quality of your silage.

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Wholecrop silage offers a great alternative to maize silage with good levels of energy and a higher dry matter content.  Wholecrop cereals are grown like grain but harvested earlier to make silage.  Typically made from wheat, barley or oats, we harvest this arable crop silage with a direct cut disc header which helps to reduce grain losses in the harvesting process.  Our forage harvester operates with a crop processor which cracks the grain during the chopping process which aids digestions and fermentation.   The importance of the crop processor cannot be ignored, without the splitting of the grain you risk it passing through the animals gut without the nutrients being absorbed.  We then transport the wholecrop from the field to the clamp for ensiling to preserve the nutrient value of the crop.  

As well as providing a high value feedstock, we believe that wholecrop is also an ideal break crop for arable rotation and weed management.  Harvested in early July, wholecrop provides the ideal opportunity to establish a stale seed bed to encourage weed growth ready for spraying off and drilling in September.  

Wholecrop can also be used as a feedstock for AD plants for stabilising or supplementing other feedstocks such as low yielding slurries or variable quality food waste.  As part of our complete silage service we can also source crop based feedstock for AD plants.  

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Our complete maize silage service includes the establishment of the maize crop, crop protection and nutrition, harvest and the ensiling process.  We can tailor this service and operations to suit your individual needs.  

Maize is a bulky crop and when managed correctly it can produce very high yields in just one harvest.  Unlike grass silage, maize can produce in excess of twenty tonnes per acre.  Grass silage can produce this same tonnage but over the course of three cuts.  As such, as good crop of maize offers excellent value.  The success of a maize crop lies heavily in the correct preparation of the stale seed bed prior to drilling.   Maize should only be drilled in soil temperatures of 8 degrees and above to provide optimum conditions for growth; any less and the growth rate will be slow leading to a poorer crop.  Additionally, weed control in maize is essential as they will inhibit the growth of the plant as maize will not compete for moisture and nutrients.  We prefer to spray with a pre-emergence for early weed control and further on as the maize grows to combat a later flush of weed growth.   

Maize harvest usually begins at the end of September through to October and a ten row maize header is operated on our forage harvester enabling a quick and efficient single harvest.  The high output of this machine enables it to work efficiently without travelling at higher speeds therefore allowing it to work more effectively.   The inbuilt corn cracker is essential to crack the grains as the crop is harvested and avoid any losses of nutrients and starch held within the grain when passing through the cows gut.  The maize header operates with stubble height control and lateral float to enable us to cut the maize at a consistent height which reduces the risk of contamination of soil and dirt on the maize stalks if they are cut too short.   Collected in trailers, typically a team of 3, depending on distance, the maize is transported to the clamp to be ensiled.   As with all silages it is important the ensiling process is completed swiftly to consolidate the silage to remove the air and aid the fermentation process in the clamp.

The end product is a high starch based fodder which can be fed alongside grass silage as a balanced ration for livestock.  

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