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Contract farming

Our experience, commitment, dedication and attention to detail provide the one stop shop for farm owners in looking after their farm or estate.

With our experience within the Cotswolds, we have encountered all the challenges that may arise throughout a contract farming agreement and strive to work with the customer to achieve the best result for them.  Working with a proven, simple business plan, RC Baker Ltd continue to provide a profitable and sustainable farming solution, reducing cost and increasing margins.  

Treating each farm as our own, we always look to the long term future of any partnership.  We not only bring operational expertise but we can provide a modern machinery fleet which utilises precision farming technology to improve farm performance. Our continual investment in machinery enables the business to develop and be at the leading edge bringing the latest technologies and practices to improve productivity and maximise returns. 

After 40 years in professional contracting work we have developed significant expertise in both machinery use and farming techniques and systems. As a result, we contract for a large acreage for owners and tenants who choose not to carry the high cost of machinery and its equally high operational expenses.  Our investment in machinery is huge, as is the experience developed over four decades of general farm contracting,  it offers customers and contract farming partners a highly efficient service at competitive rates, that make machinery ownership on most farms extremely hard to justify. 



CLAAS XERION 3800 The XERION 3800 is a versatile machine with an intelligent four-wheel steering system which makes it a key tractor within our fleet. Read more
John Deere 7310R
John Deere 7310R A large, heavy, powerful and diverse all-round tractor ideal for draft work Read more
CLAAS Scorpion 7040
CLAAS Scorpion 7040 The CLAAS Scorpion 7040 is an exceptional loading machine on the yard and is ideal for the more confined spaces, in and around buildings. Read more
Volvo L70H Loader
Volvo L70H Loader Our Volvo L70H Loader is a powerful, purpose built loading machine which plays an integral part to our silage and harvest operations. Read more
Mercedes-Benz Unimog
Mercedes-Benz Unimog Our Mercedes-Benz Unimog is used for a wide variety of operations and provides us with a fast and efficient tractor. Read more
Bateman RB35
Bateman RB35 The Bateman RB35 is used for the application of agricultural pesticides and liquid fertilisers. Read more
Gregoire Besson Plough
Gregoire Besson Plough Our Gregoire Besson is an 8 furrow semi-mounted plough which can be operated with or without a press for burying large amounts of trash or manures where cultivating would not bury the material effectively. Read more
Gregoire Besson Discordon
Gregoire Besson Discordon Our Gregoire Besson Discordon is used as primary cultivation behind the combine to aid germination of grass, weeds etc. followed by a spray of roundup and then a second pass with Discordon using the tines as well as the disc which will leave a seedbed. Read more
Väderstad RexiusTwin
 Väderstad RexiusTwin The Väderstad RexiusTwin crushes clods, levels and consolidates light and heavy soils at speed, leaving a surface well-prepared for drilling. Read more
7.5m Claydon Straw Harrow
7.5m Claydon Straw Harrow The 7.5m Claydon Straw Harrow helps to level trash after combining, disturb slugs and help weed seeds to chit; creating a stale seedbed. Read more
Claydon 6m Hybrid Drill
Claydon 6m Hybrid Drill The Claydon 6m Hybrid Drill is a one pass operation with minimal soil disturbance and reduced ground compaction. Read more
Väderstad Rapid 6m Drill
Väderstad Rapid 6m Drill Our Väderstad Rapid is a 6 metre disc drill which is capable of drilling anything from wild flower HLS & ELS margins, grass seeds and cereals to beans. Read more
Gaspardo 8 Row MTR Precision Drill
Gaspardo 8 Row MTR Precision Drill Our Gaspardo MTR Precision Seed Drill is the perfect solution for high output maize drilling. Read more
CLAAS Jaguar 970 Forager
CLAAS Jaguar 970 Forager Our CLAAS Jaguar 970 Forager leads the way in the latest technology and design to increase performance and efficiency whilst harvesting our yearly grass, maize and whole crop silage contracts. Read more
Abbey Tanker SP 4500T
Abbey Tanker SP 4500T Our Abbey Tanker is used to transport slurry off-road from the store to the spreading machine which is inaccessible by HGV or umbilical systems. Read more
Lexion 780 Terra Trac Combine
Lexion 780 Terra Trac Combine A high capacity machine which enable us to bring the harvest in, in the shortest time possible. Read more
K-Two Rodeo 16T Trailer
K-Two Rodeo 16T Trailer We currently run four K-Two Rodeo 16 tonne trailers for our haulage operations. Read more


If you are interested in Contract farming why not give us a call on 01869 338307 or send us an enquiry.

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