Agricultural Waste Recycling

Dealing with Agricultural Waste Responsibly
  • Bales of spray cans
  • Spray Cans
  • Silage wrap

Agricultural Waste Recycling

Our agricultural waste recycling service in association with Agri.Cycle enables you to take good responsibility of your waste while complying with EU environmental legislation.

  • Meets the needs of farmers and growers by collecting your agricultural waste, allowing you to comply easily with crop assurance schemes
  • Simple charge system (no hidden costs)
  • Our system is simple and sustainable
  • National network

The EEC Directive changed the regulations for the agricultural market, bringing it into line with other industries with regard to waste.  It is now illegal to burn plastic, cardboard and other waste and it is therefore essential to have processes in place to dispose of your waste materials in a responsible way.

Our system is simple and enables you to comply with your Duty of Care and Crop Assurance Schemes as well as providing Waste Transfer Notes.

A simple agricultural waste solution – we provide you with bags which you use to collect your waste and then deliver to us, or if more convenient for you, a collection service can be arranged as part of your agreement, at a small additional cost.    

This simple process not only helps you to comply with regulations but also helps to keep your premises tidy which in turn helps all of us to protect our planet.

Our service provides a solution for recycling your waste materials including:

  • Fertiliser bags

  • Seed bags

  • Pesticide containers

  • Cardboard

  • Silage wrap

  • Crop cover

  • Seed trays

  • Packhouse plastic waste

  • Foils and caps from pesticide containers

  • Bale wrap

  • Shotgun Cartridges –  for more information click here

  • Tree Guards –  Agri.Cyle are the only Agricultural Waste Solution providers collecting these items

How does the Agri.cycle system work?

We provide you with bags to collect your recyclable waste and then you deliver the bags to us or a collection is arranged from your farm, depending on your agreement.  For example, if you have a dumpy bag we will arrange for a lorry to collect when you inform us that the bag is full.  If for example you have a 1400 litre bag or 200 litre bag you can either deliver the waste to us or, if more convenient for you, we can arrange a collection, for a small additional fee. 

Upon delivery or collection we will issue you with a Waste Transfer Note detailing what has been collected, a copy of which will be issued to you for your records.  Once the waste has arrived at our premises the recycling is baled if necessary and taken to the Agri.cycle plant in Lincolnshire.  Here the waste is shredded, washed and granulated into a form that the plastics industry can use to manufacture a range of plastic products.  

For further information please call the office on 01869 338307 or contact Christopher Baker on 07968 145336 or email

Recycling Spent Shotgun Cartridges

Here at RC Baker Ltd we can recycle your spent shotgun cartridges for as little as £13 for up to 4,200 cartridges if they are delivered to us.  RC Baker Ltd in association with Agri.Cycle are the only waste solution providers to offer this service in the UK and caters for shoots of any size.

As with all of the agricultural plastic waste which we collect, each spent shotgun cartridge is shredded, washed and granulated at a purpose built processing line in Lincolnshire.  The extracted plastic is then used by the plastic industry to make 100% recycled plastic products such as picnic benches which are ideal for outdoor seating at any shooting ground!

Pricing Structure

Agri.Cycle is a simple, pay as you go system with no hidden costs.  Quite simply, we provide the bags and you just pay for the disposal.

Depending on the amount of shotgun cartridges you typically use we have two options available:

  • The 200 litre bag – this can hold up to 4,200 spent shotgun cartridges and costs just £13 per bag if you deliver the cartridges to us.
  • The bulk bag – ideal for larger shooting grounds as these bags hold up to 21,000 cartridges.  Each bulk bag costs just £35 if delivered to us.

What is even better is that there is no arrangement fee or minimum charge so contact us today!


Below is a selection of frequently asked questions about our Agri.Cycle service:

How big are the bags and which one should I choose?

We can advise you based on your farm size, type and what you are looking to recycle but as a general guide the options are as follows:

Dumpy bag (palletised) - spray cans
The dumpy bag is for spray cans and is generally used by large farms (over 800 acres arable).  The bag size is 10" x 7.6" x 7" and needs to be kept undercover.  The bag is on a pallet making it easier for our lorry to collect when the bag is full. 
How much can it hold?
If filled correctly, the dumpy bag will hold up to 1500 acres worth of spray cans.
Dumpy bag
 Midi bag – spray cans
The midi bag is for spray cans.
How much can it hold?
The midi bag is recommended for arable farms of 400-800 acres.
Large bag (1400 litres) - spray cans or silage wrap
Large, 1400 litre bags are for spray cans or silage wrap (a separate bag will be needed for each – you cannot mix the type of items that are in each bag).   A bag holder is available for the 1400 litre bag, please contact us for a price.
How much can it hold?
Large bags hold between 100-150 silage wraps or approximately 100-125 cans which is equivalent to 70 acres of spraying per year. 
Bulk bag – shotgun cartridges or tree guards
The bulk bag is similar in size to a builder's bag and is for spent shotgun cartridges or tree guards.  A small returnable deposit of £10 is required for the bulk bag.
How much can it hold?
The capacity of the bulk bag is approximately 21,000 cartridges, so is suitable for a commercial game shoot or clay shoot.  The number of tree guards that you can fit in a bulk bag will depend on the size of the tree guards but the size of the bag is 1.2m3.
Small bag (200 litres) - spray cans or silage wrap
Our small bag holds 200 litres and is suitable for farms up to 400 acres.  It is for spray cans, silage wrap, spent shotgun cartridges, string or net wrap (a separate bag will be needed for each – you cannot mix the type of items that are in each bag).  The small bag is similar in size to a domestic wheelie bin.  A bag holder is available for the 200 litre bags - just contact us for a price.
How much can it hold?
Our 200 litre bag holds 15-20 wraps or 4,200 spent shotgun cartridges, which is perfect for a 10 gun, 8 day shoot.
Fertiliser bag - spray cans, fertiliser bags or silage wrap
Another option of bag is to use an empty fertiliser bag, which is similar in size to the 1400 litre bag.  A fertiliser bag can be used to collect spray cans, seed bags, fertiliser bags or silage wrap. 
How much can it hold?
A fertiliser bag can hold between 25 and 35 bags.
Fertiliser bag recycling
Do you provide bag holders?

Bag holders are available to help keep your waste tidy and in one place.  We have two bag holders available – 1400 litre and 200 litre.  Bag holders are made from 6mm stockboard. The 1400 litre bag holder is designed for holding and storage of empty spray cans or silage wrap.   Large bags hold between 100-150 silage wraps or approximately 100-125 cans, which is equivalent to 70 acres of spraying per year.  The 200 litre bag holder is designed to hold and store spent shotgun cartridges or silage wrap or net wrap or string.   It will hold 15-20 wraps or 4,200 cartridges.  Please contact us for a price.

Bag holder for 1400 litre agricultural waste bag

 How much does it cost?

Costs depend on the size of your farm and the type of work you are carrying out and therefore how much waste you have.  Pricing can be on a ‘pay as you go’ bag system or based on acreage, we will be able to discuss and advise you on the best option based upon your individual needs. 

What can I recycle?

Arable Growers Livestock Other

Spray cans
Caps ad foils from spray cans
Cardboard packaging
Fertiliser and seed bags

Crop cover
Bubble wrap
Plastic trays
Plant pots
Woven polyprop floor cover (clean)
White plastic floor cover
Shrink Wrap

Silage wrap
Net wrap and string

Spend shotgun cartridges
Tree guards

Do I need a waste carrier licence when I deliver my waste?

Yes you do but it is free of charge and only takes 15 minutes to complete the necessary online form which can be found at the following address -  By delivering your waste to us you can benefit from lower charges so it is well worth spending 15 minutes completing the form.  If you are a larger farm and have a dumpy bag which is collected by the Agri.cycle lorry you will not need a waste carrier licence unless you want to take advantage of delivering your fertiliser bags and cardboard to us as part of your agreement.

What can't be taken? 

We are unable to take PTO guards, tyres or batteries and would advise that you check with your Local Environment Agency for information on how to dispose of these responsibly.

Why should I recycle?

It is illegal to burn plastic, cardboard and other waste and it is therefore important that you have a process in place to enable you to comply with your Duty of Care and Assurance Schemes.  Working with us enables you to do this.  We will provide you with the Waste Transfer Notes that you need enabling you to comply correctly.  Managing your waste will also mean that you are able to keep your farm tidy and help the environment by handling your waste responsibly.

Why shouldn't I crush my spray cans?

Even after rinsing, cans often have liquid left in the container and crushing on your farm can lead to ground contamination.  It is therefore important that cans are crushed in a specialised area and environment to minimise any risk.  Crushing or chipping on farm can be environmentally and operationally hazardous and we therefore do not accept waste in this way.

Do I pay for the bags?

No, you do not pay for bags; they are included in the cost.  However we do ask for a small returnable deposit if using the dumpy, midi or bulk bag (£50 dumpy bag, £20 midi bag, £10 bulk bag).

How clean does the waste have to be?

It is essential that all spray cans are rinsed using the triple rinse method to reduce the risk of contamination.  We also ask that the waste is as dry and clean as possible but we know, being farmers ourselves, that sometimes it can be difficult.  We just ask that you do your best to keep the waste from being contaminated where possible but understand that fertiliser bags will be soiled from time to time and string and net wrap may have straw and hay left after use.

What is triple rinsing?

Triple rinsing is repeating the relevant standard rinsing process for the container that has been used three times.  It is essential that all spray cans are triple rinsed so that they are not hazardous when entering the recycling process.

What do I do with caps and foils?

We can provide you with a small bag to collect your caps and foils.  Once full tie the bag and place it in the top of your spray can bag.

Can I put different waste into one bag?

No, you will need a separate bag for each of the waste products, for example you cannot mix spray cans with fertiliser bags.  It is important not to mix products as we are unable to process them as they will all be different types and grades of plastic.

What can't we take?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept PTO guards, tyres and batteries - please check with your Local Environment Agency for information on how to dispose of these responsibly.

For further information please call the office on 01869 338307 or contact Christopher Baker on 07968 145336 or email

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