Paddock Maintenance

  •  Väderstad Turf Drill and MF compact tractor

Paddock Maintenance

We offer a range of paddock maintenance services including topping, spraying and grass seeding through to complete paddock instatement or repair.

Our paddock maintenance service helps to ensure that your paddocks are in the best health providing essential nutrients for livestock.  With the ever increasing costs of feed, livestock owners can save money by maximising grazing though careful management and maintenance.  Weeds such as buttercups, thistles and moss restrict the growth of grass resulting in poor quality grazing.  A soil analysis can identify any nutrient deficits and combined with aeration, over-seeding and correct nutrient applications, the productivity of your grassland can be much improved.  

Grass seeding

Our variety of farming machinery enables us to cater for the growing work load in equestrian paddocks and amenity areas.   Rapid Reseeding is a popular service used for reseeding and repairing pasture, a Väderstad Turf Drill and MF compact tractor on turf tyres is used for this operation and enables minimum disruption to your field.  No ploughing or cultivating is required, and grazing can be resumed after only a short period.

  • minimal impact on field surface

  • minimal disruption to grazing patterns

  • consistent turnout times

  • huge cost and time savings

We are able to plant grass seed into existing turf to compliment unproductive, thin or failing grass leys. This may be patching up small areas or reseeding whole fields.  The process is a one-pass, one-operation system meaning only one machine goes into the field, passing only once over the ground to complete the job. This makes it fast and cost effective as no further cultivations are required.

It is a convenient method of improving your pasture, no ploughing or further operations needed, causing minimal disturbance for you and your horse. Although preferable to not graze for a short period it is possible to resume turnout or grazing immediately after reseeding.

Rapid Reseeding is an all-inclusive product, we will advise and supply all grass seed types to suit your needs and soil type.  We can also supply soil testing as well as fertiliser to improve the pasture's performance.  Other seeds are available on request including wild flowers and herb mixtures. Our range of agricultural machinery allows us to deal with any project, large or small.


To improve pastures, stimulate new grass growth and generally tidy field and paddock areas we operate a flail topper to cut and mulch rough areas with a compact tractor on grass tyres.


Routine fencing and repairs are available if required.  Please contact us for further information.


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