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Crop Protection

Our agricultural spraying service is run with fully qualified NOROSO registered operators.  Agricultural spraying is one of those jobs that must be completed in a professional way. With the regulations now surrounding pesticide application it is more important than ever that these applications are completed, at the correct growth stage, in the correct weather conditions.  This makes the need for a high output, reliable and up to date spraying machine an important addition to any farm, not only for the regulation side, but also to ensure the best result from this expensive operation.   However, with the ever rising costs of sprays and machines, justifying the investment in this type of sprayer is often difficult.

Case Studies

Techneat Avacast Twin Air


Bateman RB35
Bateman RB35 The Bateman RB35 is used for the application of agricultural pesticides and liquid fertilisers. Read more
Techneat Avacast Twin Air
Techneat Avacast Twin Air Mounted directly to our Bateman RB35 Sprayer, we can broadcast seeds into standing crops and also accurately apply Avadex up to 30m.  Read more


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