Liquid Waste Management

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Liquid Waste Management

As the first company in the UK to import and operate the Kaweco/XERION combination and SGT/Xerion Saddletrac Tanker, we are thoroughly committed to liquid waste management.

Our investment in machinery enables us to provide our customers with many benefits when it comes to managing liquid waste and in particular; the correct application of slurries as fertiliser.

At RC Baker Ltd, we offer our customers a one stop shop for removing organic waste from the storage site, transport to the field and spread back onto land using our two slurry tankers or alternatively pump from a lagoon or nurse tank and spread using our umbilical system.  With the new NVZ rules now in force it is more important than ever to ensure you can prove where and when slurries were applied and at what quantities.  With our range of high spec machinery, we can manage these quantity controls for you as well as observing strict environmental control; we also offer a comprehensive service which includes soil sampling and analysis to ensure that the land is suitable for spreading. 

A large proportion of our spreading work is in the form of digestate which is an organic by-product produced by local AD plants.  The digestate which we spread is PAS110 which is a recognised product, not a waste, and a product which has a proven value to land as a bio-fertiliser.   We work closely with several AD plants across the country sourcing land bank, transport logistics from the plant to the field and carrying out the spreading operations using our two tankers and umbilical system.


Umbilical System

As part of our liquid waste management, we are able to spread slurries and digestate using our umbilical spreading system.  This offers essential flexibility in our spreading operations and helps to bridge the gap during wet weather when the tankers are unable to travel.   With the umbilical system, we can now carry out early spring applications with more available ground to travel on even when wet. 

The umbilical method involves pumping liquid from a nurse tank, alligator bag or lagoon using a high-pressure pump unit, via a pipeline to a tractor mounted applicator unit.  Once set up, we are able to spread up to 2000m in distance and 200m³ per hour.

One advantage of the umbilical system is that it allows for a constant supply of slurry to be pumped to the spreader unit where a tanker would need to return to the source to refill.  However, the combination of the umbilical system and our tanker units work extremely well enabling us to spread from early spring right the way through to flag leaf in standing crops with the tanker units. 


CLAAS XERION 3800 The XERION 3800 is a versatile machine with an intelligent four-wheel steering system which makes it a key tractor within our fleet. Read more
JCB Fastrac 4220
JCB Fastrac 4220 The JCB Fastrac 4220 is used for a wide variety of operations and provides us with a fast and efficient tractor. Read more
Mercedes-Benz Unimog
Mercedes-Benz Unimog Our Mercedes-Benz Unimog is used for a wide variety of operations and provides us with a fast and efficient tractor. Read more
Kaweco/XERION Combination Tanker
Vredo 7028-3
Abbey Tanker SP 4500T
Abbey Tanker SP 4500T Our Abbey Tanker is used to transport slurry off-road from the store to the spreading machine which is inaccessible by HGV or umbilical systems. Read more
Nurse Tank
Nurse Tank As part of our spreading operation we use a 36m³ nurse tank to support and improve the output of both the SGT Saddletrac and Kaweco tankers. Read more
Umbilical System
Alligator Winbag®
Alligator Winbag® To aid our liquid waste management services, we operate an Alligator Winbag® which enables us to temporarily store liquid in the field before spreading back to land. Read more


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