Correct drilling is fundamental in ensuring success of your crop
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Correct drilling is fundamental in ensuring the success of your crop. 

We have some of the best and most sophisticated machinery to complete your drilling applications and a number of highly skilled operatives to get the best output possible in often difficult conditions.  Contracting out your drilling enables you to achieve fixed costs on your drilling operations and ensure correct application.  If seeds are drilled to incorrect depths or not placed correctly it can turn into a very expensive operation and potentially lead to crop failure.

For more information or to discuss your contract drilling requirements please contact us

Direct Drilling

Direct drilling is a practice which allows seeds to be placed directly into the stubble of the previous crop without any prior soil cultivations.  By doing so, the seed is accurately placed directly in the residues of the previous crop with minimal soil disturbance leaving a good straw cover to protect against water and wind erosion. Usually a one pass operation, our direct drills are capable of drilling at high speeds and produce high outputs and work rates with minimal soil disturbance and ground compaction.  This also makes it fast and cost effective as no further cultivations are required.

Direct drilling helps to improve soil structure due to less traffic on the ground and minimal disturbance and is best suited to soils that maintain their structure throughout the growing season such as clays, silty clay loams and clay loams.  

For more information or to discuss your contract drilling requirements please contact us.


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