Organic Fertiliser

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Organic Fertiliser

Organic fertilisers enable you to provide many benefits to your crop at a reduced cost compared to traditional fertilisers and with added nutrient benefits.

At RC Baker Ltd, we have a lot of experience in the application of organic fertilisers.  Compost, digesate, muck and slurry offer added nutrient benefits to your soils and crops which can improve water retention and soil structure resulting in higher yields. More and more customers are now turning to organic fertilisers as opposed to chemical due to the ever increasing costs and many farmers, especially livestock, are taking advantage of this cheaper and more efficient method of nutrient replenishment.  

Equipped with the knowledge and correct machinery, we can provide the full service from sourcing organic fertilisers, stock piling, transporting material to the field and spreading back to land; we've got it covered.  We can also provide product analysis for full traceability and arrange the necessary soil tests to ensure that your soils maintain the correct soil nutrient levels.

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Our green waste compost service is on a supplied and spread basis.  The organic waste compost, produced by an in-vessel (IVC) facility, run by Agrivert, is a PAS 100 product and has huge benefits in applying to lighter and heavier soils.  It will improve water retention, soil structure, workability and general soil condition.  The compost also has an excellent nutrient value as you will see from the analysis below. 

We supply this product onto farms throughout the year to make sure it is available for spreading during the autumn and spring as needed for the relevant crops.  Application is determined by soil analysis and then spread at the rate required for the crop to grow.

Compost nutrient values

  Total   1st Year Availability 2nd Year Availability
  Kg/t fresh £/t kg/t £/t Kg/t £/t
N 1.90 £5.16 1.99 £1.29 0.80 £0.52
P 3.29 £1.41 1.97 £0.85 0.99 £0.43
K 5.71 £2.79 5.13 £2.51 0.57 £0.28
S 3.27 £2.12 2.94 £1.91



Total   £11.48/t   £6.56/t   £1.23/t

 In-vessel Compost Values 

Spread at 31.5t/h this is valued at £206.64/ha in the 1st year and £38.75/ha in the 2nd year.

The compost also contains 35% organic matter and this has an enormous benefit to soils, increasing water retention whilst improving soil structures and workability.

Muck Spreading

One of the more traditional methods for application of organic fertiliser is of course muck spreading and includes the spreading of slurries, yard and cattle muck, compost, coffee waste and chicken litter.  Manures contain readily-available nutrients that can be used as a replacement for bagged fertiliser. They also contain organic nutrients which will slowly break down in the soil over time providing an on-going supply of nutrients in the soil, improving soil structure and quality.

Handled now by modern, high tech machinery, our muck spreading fleet includes 3 K-Two Evo, 16 ton spreaders.  On board load cells now provide load weight and spread weight calculations, from this data you can calculate tonnage per hectare being applied enabling more accurate spread rates for your manure management plans. 


This organic fertiliser, in the form of a by-product from an aerobic digestion plant, is available on a supplied and spread basis.  Spread onto land using our XERION and Kaweco tanker combination as well as our new SGT saddletrac, the nutrient value is the equivalent to cow slurry. 

Digestate is a complete nutrient feed for crops which you cannot get from manufactured fertilisers.  By applying digestate, you can reduce the requirement for other fertilisers and you can apply digestate right up to flag leaf. The digestate can be applied to stubble after combining prior to seedbed preparation for autumn and spring crops.  It can also be applied as a fertiliser for grass prior and after silage cuts with a disc injector or via a trailing shoe boom spreader onto cereals up to growth stage 27.  

The boom applies digestate directly to the ground which is then readily absorbed by the roots of the crop.  This not only ensures that the crop gets the nutrients it needs directly, but it also reduces the risk of run off and leaching of nitrogen to the atmosphere by 20%.  The nutrient analysis for digestate from food-waste fed AD plants is significantly higher than that produced from grass or maize fed digesters which is much closer to the lower values of cattle slurry.

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Slurry application including cow slurry, pig slurry, digestate and dairy waste (creamery washings and wastes) can all be handled by our Umbilical, Kaweco and Vredo tanker systems.  Please see our liquid waste management services for further information.

Slurry is a valuable and natural source of major nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate.  It is ideal for spreading onto silage ground to replenish potash levels which are depleted after silage cuts. With the ever increasing cost of chemical fertilisers, many farmers are now taking advantage of this cheaper and more efficient method of nutrient replenishment.  We have several customers who store their slurry in towers or pits which we then spread back onto land using one of our two tankers or umbilical system for a more precise application.  

As with any nutrient application, it is always important to assess the soil nutrient status once every five years to avoid building P and K indices too high.  

Case Studies

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If you are interested in Organic Fertiliser why not give us a call on 01869 338307 or send us an enquiry.

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