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Machine of the Month

This month our focus is on our new Caterpillar Challenger MT765B Tractor

Our new Caterpillar Challenger MT765B Tractor has been purchased specifically with the RSPB Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project in mind for carrying out rotary ditcher work on account of its low ground pressure.  The machine will also be used to take on some of the spring and autumn drilling and cultivation work.  The Challenger is a great tractor for the job, with 350hp, good tractive power and low ground pressure,  spring drilling can begin earlier than expected with reduced wheel slip and ground pressure causing minimal disturbance to the soil.  Not only that but the Challenger also works on the CLAAS autosteer system which gives familiarity for our drivers. 

Watch the Challenger in action as it drills spring wheat into over-wintered stubble near  Shipton-on-Stour, Warwickshire here.




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