Vredo 7028-3

The first of its kind to operate in the UK
  • Vredo 7028-3
  • Vredo 7028-3
  • Vredo 7028-3
  • Vredo 7028-3

Vredo 7028-3

The Vredo 7028-3 Self-Propelled Slurry Tanker is the first of its kind in the UK.   This 687hp, tri-axle, crab steering, self-propelled tanker runs on 900/60 R42 tyres.  Capable of filling in approximately three minutes, the main 26m³ polyester tank has a flexible slurry bag on top which can hold an additional 6m³ taking the total capacity to 32m³.  This clever design means that the tank is 50cm narrower than their previous models and means that the whole unit stays within the 3m transport width.  The Vredo can spread up to 36m thanks to a new Vogelsang 36m dribble bar and runs alongside our Kaweco swan neck tanker for all our spreading operations.

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