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Sumo Grassland Subsoiler

In one pass, the Sumo Grassland Subsoiler (Sumo GLS) is designed to alleviate structural compaction in the rooting zone leading to better drainage, better root development and increased fungal and bacterial activity.  The result is a soil environment that is ideal for maximum grass growth, leading to stronger crops that are better suited to withstand long periods of prolonged rainfall as well as drought. 

The subsoiler is equipped with a leading row of adjustable, straight, serrated discs which cut through the turf on individually suspended arms to a range of depth positions.  The legs behind then lift and fracture the earth down to depths of 14” whilst the full width, shark fin designed packer, consolidates the land back down to level again whilst aerating the surface as it passes.  Finally, the harrow at the back disturbs and removes any dead vegetation on the surface as well as scattering any surface debris.

Additionally, our Sumo GLS is fitted with a seeder which enables seeds to be put into the ground behind each leg during the one pass operation.  The harrow then helps to cover any seeds with soil as it passes over.  This is ideal for rejuvenating or re-seeding poorer areas without incurring any further operating costs. 

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