SGT/XERION Saddletrac Tanker

Spreading between 24m to 32m tramlines at a rate of 6m³ per minute
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SGT/XERION Saddletrac Tanker

The SGT Saddletrac tanker was the first of its kind to operate in the UK in 2013. The tank can hold up to 32m³ of liquid and is capable of spreading up to 1000 tonnes per day.  Fitted with a larger 32m Vogelsang boom compared to the Kaweco, we are now able to spread between 24m to 32m tramlines at a rate of 6m³ per minute.  Not only this, but the Saddletrac runs on 900m wide, low ground pressure tyres ensuring the precise application of liquid nutrient to the crop with minimal damage.

There are four methods of slurry application when using the SGT/XERION combination tanker:

  • A 7.2m Injector which is used mainly on grassland and stubbles prior to cultivation
  • A 15m Bomec Trailing Shoe for applications to standing arable crops, reducing the need for as much bagged fertiliser
  • The UK's first 30m and 32m Vogelsang dribble bar which means slurry can be applied at 24m, 27m, 30m and 32m tramlines in growing crop, allowing for plenty of flexibility to suit your cropping requirements
  • A 6m cultivator to apply to stubble post-harvest to replenish nutrient levels in the soil

Unlike other tankers on the market, neither the SGT Saddletrac nor the Kaweco rely on a vacuum pump and the rate of application can be varied from the operator's seat.   As the machine is steered by a GPS system; overlap is also eliminated.

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