Nurse Tank

Enabling us to pump slurry from the store to the field
  • Nurse Tank
  • Nurse tank and Unimog

Nurse Tank

As part of our spreading operation we use a 36m³ Latham nurse tank to support and improve the output of both the SGT Saddletrac and Kaweco tankers.  As the liquid waste is transported by lorry to the field site, we can improve efficiency by filling up the nurse tank to avoid waiting times between the lorry and the tanker.  The nurse tank also enables us to work remotely using our 1000m umbilical pipe and pump to move slurry from the store to the field.  The pipes are used to feed the nurse tank which reduces the need to run the tractor and tanker back and forth from the store.  Not only does this mean that our running costs are reduced but also our emissions are significantly reduced.  

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