Köckerling 6m Seed Harrow

Broadcasting and harrowing small seeds
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Köckerling 6m Seed Harrow

The Köckerling 6m seed harrow is a very useful machine for overseeding grass leys.  

Capable of broadcasting small seeds, the Köckerling seed harrow is equipped with a metering unit which drops the seed into the venturi whilst an interior fan creates enough air to transport the seed equally to six spreader plates via pipes to give an even distribution.  As the machine travels, the 8mm harrow tines mix the seeds with the soil to give a good seed to soil contact to encourage growth.  The harrow also aerates the soil to remove dead grasses and levels molehills as it passes.  

The Köckerling Seed Harrow can also be used on prepared seed beds to harrow in game cover mixtures of small seeds such as millet, radish and turnip.  

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