K-Two Rodeo 16T Trailer

  • Silage trailer
  • Maize trailer
  • Grain trailer
  • Wholecrop Trailer

K-Two Rodeo 16T Trailer

We currently run four K-Two Rodeo 16 tonne trailers for our haulage operations.  

Fitted with silage sides, the Rodeo trailers are capable of safely carrying a large volume of less dense crop such as grass, maize and wholecrop.  With front side and rear grass catchers the trailers are well equipped to run alongside the forage harvester and load up.  Running on large flotation tyres, the trailers cause minimal ground compaction and damage to crop making them ideal for field work. 

The silage sides can be removed so that the trailers can also be used for grain, compost carting and Agri.Cycle collections. Thanks to a hydraulic tailgate and four locking jaws, each trailer is tightly sealed to prevent any leakage of goods.  Additionally, we have the option of using a rollover sheet to keep the contents safely contained which can be operated from the ground.  

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