K-Two Evo Muck Spreader

Capable of spreading 1,000 tons per day
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K-Two Evo Muck Spreader

Our 16 tonne K-Two Evo muck spreaders are capable of handling farm manures as well as sludge and compost efficiently whilst achieving a wide even spread pattern.  

With large, dynamically balanced spreading rotors, muck can be tipped at 40mph in a wide and fine pattern upto 30 metres across the field.  The 16 tonne Evo has the capacity of spreading upto 1,000 tons per day which requires our Volvo Excavator EC140 to load manures quickly and efficiently to spread such a large tonnage.  Built with on board load cells, the K-Two Evo's provide load weight and spread weight calculations. From this data, we can calculate tonnage per hectare being applied which enables more accurate spread rates for your manure management plans.

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