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Homburg Drain Jetter

The Homburg Drain Jetter is designed to help reduce groundwater levels, salination and poor crop yields.  It effectively cleans and clears drains of clays and sand blockages, ingrown roots and iron oxide. Suitable for both clay and plastic pipes, the 300m hose and nozzle is powered by a hydraulic two wheel drive which can travel 20-30m per minute.

When a blockage has occurred, the drain jetter can be fitted with a tracing nozzle which enables us to locate the exact position of the blockage along the pipe and trace the depth using a separate hand held tracker. By doing this we can specifically target the area blocked and dig down to remove the solid matter in a localised position and reduce the area of soil disturbance.

Official research has shown that yields from well drained land are significantly higher than from land where drainage has been neglected.


For more information on the drain jetter and to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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