Claydon 6m Hybrid Drill

A one pass direct drilling operation with minimal soil disturbance and reduced ground compaction
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  • Claydon 6m Hybrid Drill

Claydon 6m Hybrid Drill

The Claydon 6m Hybrid Drill is a one pass direct drilling operation with minimal soil disturbance and reduced ground compaction.

The gull wing design allows for optimal contour following and a stiff rear seed tine ensures accurate seed placement giving even germination no matter what the soil type.  Each seed is placed directly into the soil with Primary-P, a starter fertiliser, chosen to provide targeted nutrition, root development and early growth in young plants to ensure that your crops get all the nutrients they need to grow.  The drill is a versatile piece of machinery with a fully adjustable front tyne which can be moved to a wide range of depths to suit all crop requirements and a variety of A-Shares offering variable spacing.  

Suitable for all crop types, the Claydon drill is the ideal machine for increasing your crop yields and providing you with sustainable and profitable crops.  The benefits don’t stop there; the Claydon Hybrid Drill can also help reduce your black grass burden. 

Watch a short clip of the Claydon in action drilling oats in Oxfordshire:

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