The XERION 3800 is a popular 4WD tractor which can provide 360hp
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The XERION 3800 is a versatile machine with an intelligent four-wheel steering system which makes it a key tractor within our fleet.

With 380hp and capable of reaching speeds of 50kmh, the XERION 3800 has a full auto steer system and can be driven in six different steering modes to make the best use of the machine’s potential while minimizing fuel costs and soil disturbances.  Fitted with large, equal sized wheels for extra grip and low ground pressure, the XERION despite its size, is capable of maintaining a small 20 ft. turning radius.  A variable cab feature enables the operator to rotate the cab 180° in less than 30 seconds at the press of a button to move it from its central position to a rear facing one above the rear axle. Not only does this provide excellent all around visibility, but it is ideal for operations such as mowing and silage clamping where the operator needs to clearly see the implement attached to the rear linkage.  

The XERION 3800 is used for multiple operations such as clamping, cultivating, drilling, discing and RSPB work with the rotary ditcher.  

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