CLAAS Jaguar 970 Forager

Dynamic, peak performance and cost-effective
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  • CLAAS Jaguar 970 Forager
  • CLAAS Jaguar 970 Forager

CLAAS Jaguar 970 Forager

Equipped with Dynamic Power, the 970 Jaguar is extremely efficient and able to operate at maximum efficiency and throughput when operating with a full load, but in partial load range, the engine output is reduced automatically. When the feed rollers are raised, Dynamic Power automatically determines the power required to process the crop and adjusts the engine output accordingly. As a result, it is an extremely smooth running machine with the added benefit of reduced diesel consumption as the engine only uses as much power as is required for the job at hand.

Fitted with a 28 blade cylinder, the Jaguar 970 provides plenty of flexibility on chop length for both grass and maize which means we can tailor to each customer’s individual needs.  We are now able to chop from 6mm for grass destined for biogas plants to 20mm-30mm for our dairy customers. With inbuilt yield mapping technology, the Jaguar 970 also allows us to monitor crop yields per field.  

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