Wallasea Island Project

Europe's largest conservation project
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Wallasea Island Project

In 2015 RC Baker Ltd played an important role in one of Europe's largest conservation projects; the Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project.  The island is mainly arable land surrounded by a sea wall along the tidal River Crouch and although the project is ongoing until 2025, the RSPB hope to combat threats posed by climate change and coastal flooding by recreating the ancient mudflats, saltmarshes, lagoons and pastures providing ideal breading and nesting ground for important wildlife.    

During June 2015, Chris Baker using our Challenger tractor, the RSPB's Rotary Ditcher and soil taken from the London Underground extension works created a series of shallow ditches to extend the natural mudflats and salt marshes aiding the establishment of this 10,000ha saltmarsh reserve in Essex. On July 11th 2015, The Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project passed an important milestone with the successful completion of three new sea wall breaches, with the tide entering the new 155ha Jubilee Marsh for the first time in over 400 years. 

Wallasea Island before the breaching of the sea walls

 Aerial view of Wallasea Island after the breach of the sea walls


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