Benefits of Shredlage

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Benefits of Shredlage

We currently have 950 milking goats on the farm, and I was finding that we were throwing away a huge amount of feed every day.  I had heard about shredlage and the benefits of feeding this lighter, fluffy mix that the cracker helps to create and decided to ask RC Baker to chop my remaining forage maize with it.  What a difference it has made! Beforehand, the goats used to leave the cobs but the Shredlage cracker chops them right down meaning that the goats are now eating the whole feed.  This has helped cut our daily wastage down by ¾ which will hopefully mean that this year we won’t have to grow as much.  Not only that, but because the goats are getting a much better-quality fodder, our milk yields have increased by 12%.  Happy days!

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